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    Enough with the Baby Photos, Already.

    Ever wonder why your Facebook feed looks the way it does? Slate’s Will Oremus visited with the engineering team at Mark Zuckerberg’s Menlo Park lab to figure out why some sorts of things appear in your news feed with stunning regularity while others barely register. Who is behind this algorithmic black magic, and what does it mean for marketers seeking to cut through the noise? Check out Who Controls Your Facebook Feed for the answer.

    Got a Question for You

    Actually, five question. At Tech Crunch Rich Mintz lays out 5 Questions to Answer Before Launching a Social Campaign.  The motivation for Mintz’s piece is the increasing number of social campaigns that just go wrong. Social media marketing is a different beast to traditional, one-way advertising, and reflecting on the potential for a campaign to go off the rails is something every brand and business should do before attempting to build a social movement. Read it all, as they say.

    Who is This Guy?

    It’s a question that many a LinkedIn user has asked when looking over the profile pictures of those who have recently visited their profile. Finding the answer is easy, of course: click on the profile and read up on who has you in their sights. Easy, right? Yes – and also an opportunity for growth hacking according Ed Moyse. Read how he increased signups by employing just this strategy (automated, of course).

    Let Me Be Clear: Being Clear Matters.

    Kevin Hurley at Nudge has deemed 2016 the Year of Network Clarity and More Magical Moments. He’s picked up on the trend by major social networks and content aggregators towards increased personalization and improved clarity in the presentation of content. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others are getting in on this trend which will only make things easier for users while presenting, once again, challenges for marketers seeking a way to cut through.

    This Week on the DOZ Blog

    We’re also talking trends for 2016 on the DOZ blog. All this week we’ll be taking an in depth look at the trends in digital marketing that are likely to define 2016, and making some bold predictions about the digital landscape in the months to come. Look for posts assessing the changes coming to blogs and blogging, social media, online video, and search optimization.

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