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    With so many types of content fighting for the spotlight on the Internet, it’s easy to get caught up in the prospect of in-depth pieces, expert interviews, Q&A blogs and more. However, throughout all of the changes in the industry, one form of content marketing has remained extremely effective: lists. These handy catalogs are perfect for any kind of reader, and as such, any website. Lists are one of the few types of content that have remained strong even amongst a sea of changes, and they show no signs of slowing down.

    Here are three reasons lists matter in content marketing (see what we did there?):

    1. Organization over everything

    The primary reason lists are essential for content marketing is because they offer organization in a space that can otherwise be cluttered with information. Lists provide the perfect way to present data to any reader. While longer in-depth pieces may be needed to showcase your expertise in a field, lists are a prime way to appeal to consumers of any knowledge base or skill level. They also inherently promise some kind of value to the reader. Even those skimming through the information will be able to pull some kind of benefit from it and perhaps even leave with a positive impression of the site, making it a wise choice for businesses.

    2. Human eyes – and brains – love them

    Let’s take organization one step further. Not only do lists provide a simple and effective way to arrange data, but they are also appealing to the eyes and the brain. For one, they naturally lead to smaller, focused paragraphs and plenty of open space on the page. This makes it easier to read content while absorbing information and avoiding distraction. According to Esquire, the manner in which most people read is ideal for lists, as consumers are naturally looking for chunks of distinct text. Additionally, because numbers naturally stand out against words as well, it makes your content marketing strategy even easier to devour.

    3. Lists are great for social

    We all know that social media is an important part of any marketing strategy. Catchy titles and meta descriptions are key for hooking readers, and lists can go a long way toward achieving that end. They are often straightforward and catchy, but they don’t give too much away before the click. However, they are still general enough to be shared and clicked on by a variety of people, which in turn can expand your audience and spread the brand’s message.


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