5 Tips for Marketing to Millennials


They’re an eclectic group with varying opinions and diverse backgrounds. They’re technologically savvy and fluently speak the language of social media. They’re a generation of multitaskers, with eyes constantly wandering from screen to screen. They’re the millennials, and they’re considered to be among the most influential group of consumers today, according to Adage.com.

While it may be easy to reach millennials due to their obvious online presence, keeping them engaged is a challenge in and of itself. Today, it’s important for marketers to not only understand how to grab the attention of millennials, but also know how to create content that keeps their attention.

Here are some tips for how to effectively reach Generation Y.

1. Create a strong online presence

By featuring your brand on multiple sites and apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you’re exposing your brand to even larger audiences. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 75 percent of all millennials actively use social media sites. Keep in mind that a quality user experience is just as important as a solid presence. Be sure that your content is accessible across multiple devices.

2. Let your followers do the talking

When it comes to learning about new brands and companies, millennials pay close attention to the opinions and recommendations of others. Mediapost.com reported that when you offer your current customers the opportunity to promote your business, they can help generate a larger consumer base. This means creating content that not only attracts millennials, but allows them to become a voice of the brand, whether it’s online or on the street.

3. Offer experience

Millennials aren’t interested in simply consuming advertisements. Instead, they want to participate. Adweek.com reported that millennials favor brand experiences as a means of entertainment. This could be through the creation of Facebook events, Instagram challenges or even something as simple as a hashtag on Twitter.

4. Make your content share-worthy

The millennials are defined by their varying tastes, diverse personalities and assorted opinions. According to Forbes magazine, millennials also know what is and what isn’t worth sharing, which is important because their followers are paying close attention. The more unique, creative and interesting your content is, the more likely it’ll be shared, liked and retweeted.

5. Stand for something

For Gen Y, it’s less about what they buy, and more about why they buy it. In an article released by NPR, it was revealed that millennials tend to strongly support brands that take a stance in social advocacy. Millennials seek companies that share their desire for positive change. Whether it’s by supporting a cause or addressing a social issue, there are several effective ways for companies to show their own support for positive change, and therefore gain the millennials’ support in return.

The millennials have become an important and influential part of today’s consumer base. With these tips, you can capture the attention of Gen Y and elevate your brand.

Are you finding success reaching out to Gen Y? Tell us all about it in comments below or on Twitter!

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