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10 Ways to Boost Your Brand with Social Media Stories


Social media has established itself as a wonderful platform that binds everyone together at one place. Whether you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, a millennial, or a designer, your foremost aim is to connect with your people – people who...

Search Engines, Social Media

10 Social Media Tactics That No Longer Work

John DOZ

  History of social media tactics The sole purpose of a marketer’s entire life is experimentation with different techniques and having them work like an absolute charm. Businesses have recently immensely evolved with the advent of social media tactics and...

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Case Study: The McDonald’s 280 and Online Video

Dylan Kissane

Online video is entering its golden age. The increase in bandwidth, the decrease in cost for that bandwidth, and the negligible costs of hosting streaming online video means that they are increasingly coming into their own. Digital marketing campaigns now...

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5 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Dylan Kissane

They’re an eclectic group with varying opinions and diverse backgrounds. They’re technologically savvy and fluently speak the language of social media. They’re a generation of multitaskers, with eyes constantly wandering from screen to screen. They’re the millennials, and they’re considered...

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