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How to Make Money Marketing On Valentine’s Day


A dozen red roses. A box of chocolates. A diamond ring delivered in a glass of champagne.

If you thought that the only people who can make money on Valentine’s Day are selling flowers, desserts, or jewellery, you’re in for a surprise.

Valentine’s Day is a marketers dream no matter what industry you are in. With spending on a significant other in excess of $100 and with everyone from parents to friends, work colleagues, and even pets receiving gifts, Valentine’s Day offers opportunities for businesses in all sectors to cash in on what is becoming one of the world’s largest commercial events.

The team at Antavo have put their heads together and designed a superb infographic packed with ideas for marketing Valentine’s Day in every industry.

If you run a financial consultancy, why not run a promotion around the costs of a relationship?

If you’re selling white goods, why not focus on the time they save that can be used for more romantic pursuits?

The Antavo team even manage to connect fly fishing and rubber boots to Valentine’s Day – it’s incredibly creative and you can check it out below.



How is your business going to win big this Valentine’s Day? How will you be reaching out to men with a need to spend? Tell us below!

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