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Technology’s Downside: Preparing for an Unexpected Failure

This is a guest post by Ashley Andrews. She is an entrepreneur and blogger.  She now lives in San Diego, CA and is happily self employed.  She enjoys writing about anything that catches her interest, especially business and entrepreneurship.

As technology continues to take mankind further into the digital world, the reliance on such devices also becomes greater. Devices like cell phones that were once only used to make and receive calls and the laptop that was ideal for playing games and surfing the net from anywhere, are now sources you depend upon to keep you informed.

So just imagine if you tried to send an email or a text regarding a critical deadline and an error message came up. In today’s world, any form of delay could result in a loss of business critical to your survival. The good news is that as technology develops, companies are able to make hard drive repair simpler and more affordable.

Increased usage and dependence on electronic devices

It’s no secret that most people use some form of electronic device to stay in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. It’s also true that most businesses operate long after the typical 9 to 5 shift. This means that many people day in and day out take their laptop, tablet, notebook and iPad home. It gives companies the ability to expand their profits by servicing clients around the world. While having the ability to transport electronic devices makes life easier, it also increases the possibility for head crashes caused by accidental drops, cyber crimes such as malware infections and human error.

Signs your computer or another electronic device might be ready for a hard drive failure

It’s important to know the warning signs that your computer, smartphone, tablet or iPad’s hard drive might be ready to crash. If you notice your computer seems to run slow or sluggish, takes a longer time to boot up, that you can’t locate a file or you receive a disk error message, these are all signs that something is wrong. Other things to listen for are strange sounds such as screeching, grinding and clicking noises. And, then there’s the more obvious the blue screen that’s sure to get you out of your chair.

Safeguard your important information

Cyber crimes are on the rise and statistically small and medium size businesses are more likely to become the victim. The reason is simply that larger corporations have software and services in place to protect them. The small and medium business owner doesn’t have the money to spend in their budget on preventative measures. But,  this is not a place to cut costs. With everything you have including inventory, email, analytical charts and reports stored, losing this valuable information could literally put you out of business. Taking measures to ensure you’ve got the latest programs and a reliable and reputable data recovery service in place will give you peace of mind.

The cost of unexpected downtime

Technology’s Downside: Preparing for an Unexpected FailureIf your hard drive fails and needs repair everything you do daily is at risk. This means you can’t send or check on vital emails, you can’t check your inventory, your employees can’t access files and perform general tasks and customer service is lost. Keeping your operating system functioning properly is key to your continued success.

Technology makes it easier for a business, small and large, to reach their full potential. Taking necessary steps to ensure not only that you have the proper tools in place, but, also awareness from your employees through training sessions, will help you to achieve your goals and avoid lengthy downtimes.


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