Going viral has always been a major marketing goal. Actually, it is no magic trick: there are many different ways to do it. Today, we’ll introduce you a great way to generate viral content : newsjacking.

    What is newsjacking ?

    Newsjacking consists in creating viral marketing content that is based on breaking news stories. These breaking news stories are familiar to the audience, so it is easier to reach them with newsjacking. These breaking news can be events, trends, or any popular news. The term “newsjacking” comes from “carjacking”. As carjackers “use” cars from other people, marketers “use” news from other sources.

    How to get from breaking news to newsjacking?

    There are many different ways to find breaking news that fit your marketing content. First, if you have a topic in mind, you can set up alerts (with Google Alerts for instance or Mention) to be notified of every breaking news about your topics.

    You can also use monitoring platforms such as Netvibes. With this kind of platform, you can choose RSS feeds (from blogs, forums, websites, etc.) that you want to follow and get news from.

    Thanks to these tools, you can stay informed of all the breaking news that can be useful to create your viral marketing content.

    Here is an infographic by Media Cause that gives you a more detailed definition of newsjacking and tips to use it.



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