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How to Use Viral Marketing to Obtain Viral Success

John DOZ

What makes content go viral? If we use the most shared content or most viral Facebook posts of 2017 as examples, we can deduce that it’s a catchy tune, a practical tip or two, something that inspires, or a picture...

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5 tips for creating viral content

John DOZ

It sometimes seems as if the Internet today were dominated by viral content. It’s hard to scroll through any type of newsfeed without spotting a shared video or popular list that is making the rounds among the public. This phenomenon...

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How to go viral with newsjacking?

Ben Issa

Going viral has always been a major marketing goal. Actually, it is no magic trick: there are many different ways to do it. Today, we’ll introduce you a great way to generate viral content : newsjacking. What is newsjacking ?...

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