Once upon a time…

    Depending on your audience there are a couple of things that can come next:

    • in a land far away
    • in a galaxy far, far away
    • there were three knights who loved nothing more than chasing dragons

    OK, maybe that last one is just a personal preference.

    What all speak to, though, is the power of storytelling and the significance of history. Everyone, everything, and every company has a history, and telling that history requires looking further back than just the last week, the last month, the last quarter, or the last year.

    Sometimes those stories can be tiresome (“this guy begat this guy, who begat this guy, who begat this guy…”) and sometimes they can be interesting, even exciting (“…and that’s when I fought my way out of the shark’s grip…”) but they can always be informative. And when it comes to the history of the things that we use every day, they can often be revealing.

    Take the history of SEO, for example.

    Optimizing content, web pages, images, and the millions of other elements that make up the commercial internet for search engines is not something that begins and ends with Google. Indeed, the history of SEO is more complex, more involved, and, yes, more interesting than simply a game that has Google on one side and a host of digital marketing experts on the other side.

    Don’t just take our word for it – read on to see what we mean for yourself.

    The History of SEO

    SEO is now an integral part of marketing strategies, and SEO expertise are essential. How did it start? Where is it going? Hubspot.com is giving us an answer in this ebook: “the History of SEO”.


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