Getting traffic is good, but making conversion is better! Whether it is concerning a purchase or a subscription, conversion is the final goal of all marketing strategies.

    How to optimize your call-to-action buttons?

    Your CTA buttons are the best weapons you have to improve your conversion rate. In order to optimize them, you have to make them visible and attractive. Here are the three main parameters you have to optimize:

    • Position: your CTA button has to be visible. Your visitors shouldn’t have to scrawl around to see it, it has to be noticeable.
    • Terms: use short words and terms that are quickly understandable and that do not take a lot of space. For instance: use “register” instead of “create an account”.
    • Color: the color of your background CTA buttons have to highlight the color of your words terms. In order not to “disturb” your visitors, choose colors that fit your website corporate identity.

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    There is no magic solution to a successful CTA button: many parameters, such as your landing page optimization will affect your call-to-action buttons results. This is why, I suggest you make some A/B testing with several CTA buttons to select the best one.

    How to choose colors that convert?

    This infographic from Kiss Metrics explains how colors affect conversion rates. More than aesthetic design, colors are also psychological tools that convert.

    How colors affect conversion



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