Digital mobility: what is it and how can you adapt?

As you know, digital mobility is becoming an essential part of online marketing strategies. According to recent studies, mobile Internet is actually taking over desktop Internet usage. To convert this particular kind of leads into customers, you have to understand their behavior with mobiles and tablets.

3 parameters to understand mobile users behavior

  • Digital mobility is now a habit:

Mobiles and tablets are now part of all our activities. Who does not use their mobile to find a street, buy new shoes or book a plane ticket?

  • Apps domination:

More than that, all the apps available on these devices are useful and used by everyone. There is an app for everything: read a book, order dinner and even do your yoga!

  • Why you should optimize mobile websites:

Emails, texts, search, social, news, games, videos: all is now happening with digital mobility. This is why mobile optimization is becoming more and more important, especially for websites.

This complete infographic from ExactTarget, will give you all the secrets about mobile behavior.

digital mobility

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