A long-term relationship with customers is probably what every business wants. It helps reduce customer requisition cost, build good reputation and hence more business. But hard-selling ads and annoying social media posts do not always guarantee a happily-ever-after ending with your customers. Perhaps, content marketing is the solution to the future of business.

    Content + Marketing

    Ok, “content marketing” may be a new trendy term, but think about it, your company might have been doing this for quite some time: sharing news/updates on Facebook and Twitter; posting pictures on Instagram and Pinterest; uploading videos on Youtube, so you are “marketing” the company via different kind of “content”. If people have been doing this for a while already, then why should we focus on “content marketing” but not keep doing what we are doing?

    What Leads to Content Marketing?

    It’s not something new that the social media advertising budget keeps escalating due to the expensive yet ineffective TV ads and other outbound advertising. You might think: social ad is cool stuff! Sadly, less than one-fifth of marketers are able to measure the quantitative impact of social media on their business. It doesn’t matter how big your online banners are or how many impressions your ads make. Some consumers might get annoyed by those sponsored ads and “Buy Now” kind of call-to-action buttons, which may create backlash and bad brand image. It also doesn’t matter how many tweets or pictures you post if your target audiences don’t feel engaged, all they would do is skip. This is why marketers are shifting their social media emphasis from “quantity” to “quality”.

    For example, Rolex had its first content marketing attempt in 2012 by building its branded Facebook page, Pinterest page and Youtube channel. The goal of this attempt was not to increase sales by certain percent, but to communicate with consumer for a better understanding of their brand and values. Therefore, Rolex insists to “talk only when we have something to say and when we fell it’s right.”

    Why Should We Care about Content Marketing?

    Do we have to follow suit just because 93% B2B marketers employ content marketing as one of the marketing strategies? The answer is YES, says the infographic below:

    According to Demand Metric, the content marketing industry is worth $44 billion and 3 times more effective in generating leads than traditional marketing tactics. Statistics also show that:

    • 60% of consumers have a more positive feeling about a company after reading custom content on its site.
    • 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that deliver custom content
    • 90% of consumer find custom content useful

     So, Content Marketing IS the Future of Business

    Content marketing is not about scribbling. The art of content marketing is to create and release compelling content on relevant platforms to arouse target audience’s interest effectively. It’s all about engagement, getting people talking and sharing.


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