Media convergence : a new challenge

    The growing choice of media options for consumers has fragmented their time allocated to media. The challenge for businesses and advertisers is now to attract and involve the consumer in the advertising experience by providing media content to share and discuss about.

    While social media is considered too dynamic and too fast moving to successfully target and execute long-term engagements, traditional media are loosing audience and lacking consumer engagement. Reality is that the power has shifted to the people and the proliferation of user-generated content. It is now a two-way conversation.


    Traditional vs New Media

    With a concern of interaction and involvement of the consumer, companies have leveraged the two aspects of marketing – inbound and outbound marketing. What they need to understand when planning a marketing strategy is what traditional media does well and what social media does better to play on their strengths. What will lead to a kind of convergence of media, developed in response to the new ways of communicating and to the increasingly flexible ways that we can go online (through mobile phone or computer).


    Convergence will allow visibility increase to the public; will give more credibility to all companies involved. With the evolution of both media and audiences, businesses now have an opportunity to consider new models. Taking advantage of social presence to produce consistent and engaging content, deliver a rich blend of personalized and targeted content that matches the interests of each visitor and of traditional strengths to reach the audience not yet used to the evolution of the social technology.

    One think is sure, it is that, thanks to the convergence of media, there will be new variants on current formats and innovations that come to be thought of as new forms of media.


    Co-founder at DOZ

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