To make your blog post stand up, pictures can give you a noticeable advantage. To choose pictures that perfectly fit your blog post, there are three steps you have to follow.

    How to use pictures for your blog posts?

    1. Choose quality pictures.

    Your pictures have to be catchy with bright colors, good composition and originality. Preview pictures for blog posts are everywhere. Choosing quality pictures for these previews will allow you to attract people so they read your blog post. Quality pictures on your post will also encourage them to share your work on their social media accounts.

    2. Sort quality images you are allowed to use.

    Make sure you understand the difference between all type of licences (CC, RF, PD), so that you can use the pictures you are choosing the right way (modifications allowed, commercial use, etc). Some stock photo websites such as or will help you search for photos and identify their licences easily.

    If none of these are meeting your needs, do not hesitate to create your own! Softwares, digital cameras and smartphones can help you take beautiful and professional pictures.

    3. Select your pictures and adapt them.

    According to the license of the picture you chose, do not forget to give credit to its author. Mention them by inserting a link to their book, page, or profile.

    Then, optimize your picture by resizing and compressing it. Make sure you reduce your picture size without affecting its quality. Finally, choose the appropriate picture placement within your blog post to reach your main goal.

    This infographic by Who Is Hosting This, give you details and tips you have to know to use pictures the best way in your blog posts.




    1. Thanks for the great info, but I have to tell you, sometimes images get in the way. I particularly hate infographics. I would like to save this info in a neat, compact, easily scannable (by the eye) document (preferably one page), for the next time I put an image in a blog. However, I’m stuck with this cumbersome format in which a lot of info I don’t need can’t be deleted. A nice one-page document with headers that I could highlight, print, and put in my blogging binder would be so much more convenient for quick reference.

      • Hi Eugenia,

        Thank you for your comment and for giving us your point of view.
        Actually, I agree with you with the fact that you shouldn’t over use pictures on blog posts because users need to found titles and paragraphs to understand blog posts ideas. However, images and particularly infographics, can be very useful to support blog posts. I consider infographic as an additionnal information and not a unique content, but I think it’s still essential.

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