Online marketing strategy: understand Internet users’ behavior

What Internet users want is instant, short and precise results. Look at Snapchat and Vine’ success for example: it’s based on ephemeral pictures and videos. It also works for browsing the web. Internet users don’t spend time scrolling all the SERP to find the answer to what they’re looking for. What they want is the answer, now.

How to use this instant and short content need in your online marketing strategy?

To answer this new consumer’s need, marketers have to be creative. Have you ever clicked a recipe link with rich snippet? It has a picture, the cooking time, and the ingredients you’ll need. Isn’t it convenient? These rich snippets consist in adding special tags (from on your HTML code page. Search engines will then interpret your tags and turn them into something like this:

recipe screenshot offers you so many possibilities to highlight your page on the SERP (event, recipe, product price, organization etc.). These rich snippets will help Internet users to find the information they are looking for even before they click it. If you use these rich snippets in your online marketing strategy, then you maximize your chances to rise your click rate and popularity.

How to use new internet users devices for marketing ?

Online traffic from mobile devices is has never been growing that fast. Those users don’t necessarily buy products on their mobile devices yet, but they mobile Internet is a great device for searching for information; whether they search for directions, business hours, if they do it at home, on the go, in store, at their workplace, and at restaurants or in bars. Having a mobile version of your website, or mobile application is now essential to match this new Internet users’ behavior.

This infographic by Google Think Insights will help you  understand how consumer’s local search behavior works.


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