7 Reasons Branding Is More Important Than Ever

    It’s easy to answer the question, which reasons make branding more important than ever?

    Just think about the last three products you bought.

    Are they branded?

    Did the brand influence your purchasing decision even a little bit?

    Well, there you go.

    But that doesn’t answer the question:

    Why is branding more important than ever? 

    Or enlighten you about how to brand your own business and why you absolutely have to if you want it to succeed. 

    For those answers, we have to dig a little deeper and discover the well-kept secrets of branding and how it convinces people like you and me to buy the products we do.

    You can find those answers right here; in 7 reasons branding is more important than ever.

    1. Why Branding Matters Now

    To put it simply, if your business doesn’t have branding, you’ll be as identifiable as a snowflake in a blizzard. 

    Most business owners know branding has always been important; we understand that, but why does it matter more now than ever? 

    The answers a combination of e-commerce competition, choice, cheap products, accessibility. 

    The answer’s the internet.  

    We’re now spoilt for choice, overloaded with options, and bombarded with advertisements every waking moment. And with a couple of taps on the phone, we can have anything delivered to our door. 

    Catching our attention now requires innovative marketing strategies, and they only work with branding.

    Branding cuts through the visual noise defines your business, signifies your intent, creates trust, encourages engagement, and gives consumers a reason for connecting.

    2. What Branding Can Do For Your Business

    More importantly, what should branding do for your business. 

    And you answer that question by knowing what you want your branding to accomplish.  

    Most companies’ branding aims are to be seen as a unique, dependable leader in their marketplace. One that puts its customers first, solving their pain points and needs, can be relied upon and trusted.  

    OK, so it’s a general description, but one 99% of brands probably agree upon. 

    And if your branding achieves those objectives, here’s what branding can do for your business:  

    • Branding ensures you stand out from the competition
    • This creates customer brand recognition
    • Customers then learn about your business DNA, your story, personality, values, and beliefs
    • Enabling you to connect with your customers emotionally
    • This creates trust
    • Increasing sales
    • But branding also motivates your staff.
    • Generates referrals by word of mouth
    • Saving you money on advertising
    • And increases your business value

    Wow, branding is fantastic, right? No wonder big corporations pump billions of dollars a year into it every year. They’ve known about the power of branding all along.

    Now let’s lift the veil a little further and discover why branding is more important than ever:

    3. Branding Ensures Consistency 

    Consistency is a buzzword in the branding world because it creates familiarity and builds trust, increasing conversions.

    You get it by giving your brand a look of its own and then using that look on every platform where you’re marketing. Your brand’s look consists of logo design the colors and fonts you use, the style of content you produce and promote, and how it sounds and looks. 

    But consistency is also about customer experience. 

    Consumers want consistent experiences with brands, so they know they can rely on them. This includes their experience using your website, ease of communication and interaction, customer service, and delivery dependability.

    Your branding is everything your consumers feel about and envision when they think and talk about your brand. 

    4. Branding Builds Trust  

    The more consumers see your brand, the more they’ll come to trust it. However, that only happens if they like what they see, right?

    But to be seen, they have to be able to find you first!

    And this is where branding comes into play.

    You can now create brand awareness through social media, your website, and advertising campaigns relatively quickly. Once those are up and running, you must ensure your business is competent in providing the service your branding promises.

    When you get those right, branding will create the awareness, the right impression, and the trust you need to connect and engage with your target market. And once that happens, customers will become loyal followers of your brand. 

    5. Branding Creates Emotions

    Great branding harnesses the power of emotions and connects with those of your customers. 

    Think back to when you were a child. Was there a particular item you had, something that you fondly remember?

    Mine was a Grifter bike (the first real mountain bike). Even now, when I reminisce, I’m filled with emotions of freedom, happiness, and pure joy.

    That’s precisely what great branding does. It reaches out and resonates with us emotionally by reminding us of good times and evoking treasured memories. If consumers care about what your branding makes them feel, they’ll care about your brand. 

    And when they do that, they’ll be more inclined to buy from it because we make decisions based on emotions far more than on logic. The human element in branding is universally relevant, especially today, due to the overwhelming amount of advertisements and information. Consumers are now forced to filter and scan, and brands only have milliseconds to engage their audiences. 

    6. Branding Creates Financial Opportunity

    Branding creates financial opportunity by opening up new revenue channels, and the better and more consistent your branding is, the more channels you’ll have promoting your brand.

    It works by building your brand identity across as many marketing channels as possible and connecting them with consistent branding visuals that consumers recognize and relate to. 

    But branding also tells the world who you are, what you’re doing, and how successful you are at doing it; this, in turn, increases your business’s value. Consider brands like Apple or Starbucks; their brand value far exceeds that of any physical assets. 

    And successful branding also creates opportunities for growth and expansion as perspective partners will be far more inclined to invest in a company with a powerful brand behind it. 

    7. Branding Helps You Beat Your Competition

    E-commerce has never been more than competitive; with up to 28 million e-commerce stores, more listing every day, and the likes of Amazon accounting for 50% of all online sales, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. 

    Now consumers can buy products globally, meaning the world is now your competition!

    I’ve sold on Amazon for years, and it’s the businesses that create brands around their products that make it to the top of page one. The rest fizzle out and fade away. 

    You’ve got to give your prospective customers a reason to choose you, and if you’re not willing to compete by being the cheapest seller (never a good idea), branding is your only way of doing it. Consumers want brands to be there for them when they go online, it saves them time and they can buy with confidence. 


    Now you know why branding is more important than ever; you’re one of a small percentage of people that understand the power of branding and how it’s used to engage and convert people into life-long consumers.

    If you have your own business, use it to make yours one to remember. 



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