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7 Reasons Branding Is More Important Than Ever

John DOZ

It’s easy to answer the question, which reasons make branding more important than ever? Just think about the last three products you bought. Are they branded? Did the brand influence your purchasing decision even a little bit? Well, there you...

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6 Thoughtful Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

John DOZ

Can you acquire money commitments to a blog by turning your inclinations, data, or experience into certified compensation on the web?  Over ten years after the Wall Street crisis, business owners are still recovering from past disasters. Combined with the...

Marketing Resources, Search Engines

3 Best Ways To Do Email Marketing Referral Campaigns That Work

John DOZ

The new year has come, and it means that it’s time to give new ideas a try and promote your brand and product in a different way. But instead of trying to invent the wheel, why not explore something that...

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Grow Your Business with These 5 SEO Strategies

John DOZ

In our modern age, building a successful business is impossible without having a bulletproof SEO strategy, to say the least. If you are not online (and owning it!), it is almost the same if you don’t exist!. However, not all...

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Ultimate Hacks for Email Marketing Optimization

John DOZ

Having an online presence for your business without a strong marketing strategy, your business is likely to join the many other dormant websites. Your marketing is what converts a mere reader into a potential lead. There are many online marketing...

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