Best practices to optimize Title and Description tags

Title and description tags are front doors to your website. Optimize them! It’s an efficient way to improve your traffic.  Discover here the best practices to optimize your title and description tags.

Tips to optimize tags

Title tag

Title tag has to be a short summary of your page, and be composed of relevant keywords. Ideally, you should choose only one keyword placed at the beginning of your tag. It has to be under 70 characters and be the more pertinent as possible.

Description tag

Description tag must be a summary of your page including relevant keywords too. More than that, description tag is also a preview. Its key-role is to make people want to access your content. It has to appeal user with one or two sentences under 150 characters.

Alt tag

As you know, visual content are more and more important. That’s why, I wanted to talk about alt tag too. This infographic from explains you how to optimize your images.



Why you should optimize your tags?

For humans

The main key-role of your tags is to engage users. Tags are the most visible elements in the SERP. That’s why, they has to be the most relevant. Title and description tags will help your website pages to distance themself from others.

For search engines

Optimizing your title and description tags improves your indexation in the Google search engine. Google bots interpret your pages easier, and estimate the relevance of your tags compared with your content.


My advices to optimize your title and description tags

Do list

  • Fill all of your title and description tags
  • Use the most relevant keywords
  • Use separators like “ | “
  • Use the title of your brand or society name
  • Organize your title tags in reference to your tree diagram

Do not list

  • Do not abuse of multiple keywords
  • Do not overload your tags with crossword
  • Do not duplicate your tags for several pages
  • Do not use symbols in your tags

Anything other tips you want to share with us ?

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