Search Engine Marketing

Our lives have changed, information is available to everyone, everywhere at any time. The Internet is responsible for that. But what makes it possible are Search Engines: Dmoz, Altavista, Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. But searching in millions, or even billions of results is not always a great experience for users.

Think for yourself, how many searches do you have to do to finally find what you were looking for? 3, 4, more? We often hear that this is because of the Search Engines, that they are not powerful enough, not “smart”. This is not true! The first reason why we are not finding at the first query is because the message is not delivered the right way. The best way to have your content found on a Search Engines is to think of what you want to deliver as a message. Then your Content Marketing strategy is obviously essential. At DOZ, to have our clients found on Search Engines, we first create great content, and then broadcast it where it makes sense. Creating links all over the web is not the way to do it. Quantity doesn’t count, only quality does.

Think of how many:

  • Technical: structure, technology used, loading rate, responsiveness etc.
  • Semantical: topic, optimization, unicity, frequency etc.
  • Social: social networks presence, comments, shares, reviews etc..
  • Behavioral: time spent, bounce rate, page views, Clic Trough Rate etc.
  • External: inbound links, blog articles, embded content, partnerships etc.
  • Etc.

Our vision at DOZ:

Search Engine Marketing can be seen as a game, since Search Engines both try to prevent the overuse of marketing tactics and regulate the creation of content. Our job at DOZ is to ensure that we are not creating spam, or unwanted content, but of course, Search Engine Marketing can always be seen as troubled water.

Anji & Faouzi
Co-founders @ DOZ

Link Building Strategy ?

Links are the streets between pages. Also known as Off Site SEO, link building is crucial to providing your pages with weight and value. However, in order to improve your link popularity, you need to build your network with the utmost care. In order to appear higher in results pages, you need to build both quality and natural backlinks. Using a sophisticated link strategy will help search engines discover how pages are related to each other.

Inbound Marketing Strategy ?

The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website is a long term endeavour. A lot of time and effort goes into building an effective off-site search eninge optimization campaign. Beyond your optimized website and the content you have created, in order to help both your website achieve higher rankings and to drive targeted traffic, we focus on building links On Site and Off Site. Our approach strictly follows Google Webmaster Guidelines and is 100% transparent.

External Link Building

We provide links from sites tailored to your activity. Our pursuit of quality backlinks includes high authority thematic sites, specialized web listings, and social bookmarks. Your organic link profile will also benefit from the efforts of Influential Bloggers talking about your business, blog comments and shares.


Internal Link Building

Building links within your own website , which consists of creating links that go from one page on your domain to a different page on the same domain, will help increase the ranking potential for each of your pages.

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