Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are websites that can drive traffic to your own. You know that people spend hours and hours on social networks every day, but do you know how you can profit from this?

There are plenty of social media that can be used depending on who you are targeting. Personal or professional? Local or Global? Junior or Senior? Etc. Choosing the right social network to increase your popularity is not that easy. It all depends on you, who you are as a brand, as a website. What kind of product do you sell? Who are your customers? You might think that it is better to just be everywhere… it’s not! Some communities simply don’t care about your activity, and you’ll bother them if you are trying to enter into their private circle. The same goes for local social media; Facebook might not be popular in some countries; Linkedin is not everywhere the strongest professional network.

Think of how many:

  • Personal Social Network: Facebook, Google+, Orkut, MySpace etc.
  • Professional Social Network: Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo etc.
  • Conversational Social Network: Twitter, Quora, Yahoo Answers etc.
  • Mobile Social Network: Foursquare, Path, Hi5 etc.
  • Media Social Network: Youtube, Pinterest, Slideshare
  • Etc.

Our vision at DOZ:

By defining a precise strategy and social media goals, DOZ will implement the best action plan, matching your website with your community. DOZ builds communities on Social Media. DOZ campaigns are created so as to only access people who really care about what you do.

Anji & Faouzi
Co-founders @ DOZ

Social Media Strategy ?

Social Media Marketing is now considered an essential component of any Internet marketing campaign. A well-developed social media strategy will, firstly, help gain traffic and, secondly, bring your site more attention through social media sites. Indeed, social media sites wield a transformative impact on Search Rankings. Social media sites help build links that, in turn, support Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Social Media and Search Engines ?

What so closely relates search engines and social media? Think about it this way : if you create fresh content and allow updates and photos to be shared on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+…. someone will link to it. This is exactly what you need. Links help Search Engine Rankings, since these sites are considered authoritative links.

Community Engagement

Among the hundreds of factors that impact your ranking on search engines, our experts consider Mentions and Shares on a diversity of Social Media sites. We will make sure your content, message, or link is shared so that you achieve a higher exposure. No one can deny that social media actions have impact on your search engine ranking.


Community Management

Managing your own community is also an important component of your Social Media Marketing. Beyond creating links, it enhances the realionship between businesses and your customers or prospects. Building and managing a community also, finally, helps to earn the loyalty of your clients.

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