How to get Real Facebook Fans?


When you manage a Facebook page, you have to think about the quality of your fans before thinking about engagement. It’s essential to get real fans to make your Facebook page active and relevant. Here are some tips to get real, engaging Facebook fans.


Stop « Like-gating »

Facebook is going on a fight against fake likes. The famous social media platform announced a new policy development which will take effect on November 5th, 2014. This new policy includes the end of « like-gating ». Like-gating occurs when users are asked to « like » a Facebook page to access exclusive content. This practice allows brands to promote new products and to set up Facebook contests. Some websites also use like-gating to exchange likes between pages or to directly buy fans.

Like-gating is also widely used by rising musicians and artists who want to increase their number of fans by providing their productions for free. These rising musicians and artists are the biggest losers of this policy because they generally don’t have enough budget to advertise.

Start getting real fans

You probably have already visited Facebook pages with huge numbers of fans but without any actual interaction. To get likes, comments, and shares on your posts, your fans have to be genuine fans. Users who visit your Facebook page and decide to like it, without any expectation of getting something in return, are more likely to interact with your page than fake fans.

Here are a few free basics to increase your number of Facebook fans:

  • Invite your friends to like your page
  • Interact with other Facebook page in your thematic : likes, comments, shares
  • Add links and widgets to your Facebook page on your website, email signatures, and others social media

Check out the infographic below by WhoIsHostingThis for more details and tips. Please note that their recommendation to “use the app to make contestants like your page before entering the contest” is an outdated tip. But the other tips continue to serve as best practices to increase your number of real Facebook fans.

Have any tips for us? Comment below! 😉


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