Transform Your Personal Facebook Profile to a Page

Numerous Facebook users didn’t understand the interest of creating a page to promote their company. So, they used their personal account to promote their products or services. Fortunately for the, Facebook offers since the 30th of March a tool which allows us to convert a personal Facebook account into page. Icing on the cake, the friends become automatically fans. Explainations…


Tutorial: convert a Facebook profile into page 

To make an introduction, we can remember that a Facebook account has to represent a real person. So, it’s not adapt for the companies! We should create a fanpage. Anyway, it’s officially forbidden by Facebook to use a profile for talking about anything else that the person is concerned.

How to convert a profile into page ?

Log on you Facebook account et come on:

Then, choose the type of page which best corresponds at the feature you want to promote. The most frequent cases are: the place (or local trade), a company, or a brand/ product.

What will your friends become ?

All your friends’ profile will automatically become fans of your new page.

What contents will be transferred ?

That’s here that you’ll be surprised; only your profile photo (and your friends) are considered in the transfer. No other content will be moved (no other publication). As your personal profile will become your professional page, this profile will disappear. That means all that you have made as a person will be lost. Facebook recommends saving these data, but it’s very complicated.

How to annul and transform a page into a profile ?

Since that, Facebook received a lot of requests of users who want to annul the process, to get back… So, Facebook add a guide, but I think the consideration isn’t guaranteed.

How to merge 2 Facebook pages?

Maybe you already had a personal profile and a professional page. If you transform your personal profile into a page, you’ll obtain 2 pages. Is it possible to merge both these two fanpages ? Unfortunately the answer is no.


If you have ever tested it, please share us your feedback: is your profile’s conversation ok ?

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