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Why you should care about getting listed in Google “People Also Ask”

Carine Esteves

  When you search at Google, you may have noticed the search results, including an expandable grid box with additional questions and answers, that have the label above them saying, “People Also Ask.”    Google had been testing this feature...

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Moving forward from (Not Provided)

Carine Esteves

Remember in 2011, when just 0,68% of your website visits were affected by the encrypted search data for logged in users, a.k.a HTTPS, a.k.a « Not Provided »? Oh good old times! And then it got worse, Google encrypted up to 33%...

Analytics & Metrics, Tech & Startups

Growth Hacker for Growth Hacking?

Carine Esteves

If you work in a startup, as a Marketer, especially in the Silicon Valley, you must be familiar with the term “Growth Hacking”. If you are none of the above stated, I hope I am about to teach you a...

Analytics & Metrics

‘Not Provided’, ‘Not Set’, Google is Not Cool

Carine Esteves

[This article has been updated : Moving forward from (Not Provided) ] Except Instagram’s takeover (which application is insta-great) and how Pinterest is skyrocketing, I have been hearing a lot about the “Not Provided”  and “Not Set” Google Analytics is displaying....

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Cinemagram vs Vine : The Video-Sharing apps War

Carine Esteves

My fist intent was to expose how Vine, the new Twitter owned app, could be used as a Marketing Tool and I then realized that  I was about to “promote” a so called “Span” app while Cinemagram, which operates in the same general...

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Facebook Global Pages

Carine Esteves

Hot Topic : Localization It is interesting in today’s globalized world, where distance is being made inconsequential through technology and cultures are becoming intermixed, that the topic of localization would be so important. Why would we need to market locally if the world...

Analytics & Metrics, Search Engines

Penguin Update : Quality is King

Carine Esteves

Getting The Gist of It The recent Penguin update focused on the quality of links pointing to websites, those caught withsub par quality could have seen a drop in their ranking.  As well, the Penguin algorithm has taken into account...

Tech & Startups

Do Not Track : A privacy preference ?

Carine Esteves

I have good news for you, today’s article will not be Google or Facebook focused… Okay, it might be related, I might mention it once, or twice … maybe more but hey, don’t blame me, they are everywhere! My concern...

Social Media

Instagram It

Carine Esteves

How often do you hear someone say, “Google it” or “Facebook them”? How about “Instagram it”? I’m guessing the answer to all three of these is “Very often”, with the latter’s frequency on the rise. With over 80 million users, Instagram is becoming a...

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