Getting a job these days takes more than just a strong resume, a handshake, and a smile. With unemployment in the US, Australia, and Europe near record highs, there is incredible competition for every job no matter how entry-level.

    Getting your foot in the door means being qualified, but also different enough to stand out from the pack. And one way that you can prove how different you are – and how much you can bring to your new job – is by having an effective social media presence.

    While no job search strategy can claim to be perfect for all, the advice in this post and the infographic below offers some practical steps you can take to make the job search a little easier, to stand out from your competitors, and to catch the eye of recruiters in almost any industry.

    Social media and the job search

    Many articles about social media talk about privacy issues, and don’t highlight the fact that social media is useful for professional life. In Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, you can develop your network and promote your ¬†skills.

    Nowadays, recruiters use these platforms to hire. But more than just hunting for talents, it illustrates a new trend in recruitment.

    This infografic from “mycleveragency” gives you tips to use social media to get a found and hired.



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