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    With so many engaging and innovative social media platforms available out there, it can be a touch daunting to decide where to start and what platforms are best able to suit your specific needs. One such platform that has continued to maintain its place among today’s top contenders is the photo-sharing app, Instagram. On the surface Instagram might seem innocently fun and engaging, but also not entirely cut out for your business or promotional needs. I mean, what can pictures of your cat do to help get yourself out there? I’m sure you’re also wondering how Instagram will allow you to show both yourself and your business off in a positive light, aren’t you? The simple answer is that Instagram can work wonders for your online image or business by boosting your social media presence, while vastly increasing your potential audience, and showcasing all of your best work all at once. Instagram really is an efficient and powerful social media tool that you can harness to suit your exact needs, assuming you first take three basics into account.

    Interested in Insta? It’s Super Easy To Use and Manage

    It goes without saying that Instagram’s ease of use automatically puts it in a league of its own. The entire premise is based around using resources and utilities that are easily found or already available on most devices nowadays; namely, a camera, a subject, and an internet connection. All it takes to post on Instagram is is to pull your device out, open the app, tap your screen, set those all-important filters, drop in some relevant keywords and a hashtag or two, and voila. You’re now well on your way to becoming a social media sensation, and with an absolute minimum of actual work to boot! With that being all there is to it, there’s no reason to not make the most of Instagram, so let’s get started!

    Get Yourself Discovered by Industry Leaders and Market Your Personal Brand

    You were going to take that picture of your food anyway, weren’t you? So why not put it to good use while you’re at it? This ease of use allows people from all over the world to receive instant access to your new posts, and vice versa. This has led Instagram to be adopted by trendsetters and industry leaders in all types of fields, especially with regard to beauty and hospitality. This allows them to keep on top of the latest international trends, maintain their own personal image, keep up with what’s trending, and shop for new talent. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself then why not put your work up on display for the world to see? Another avenue for discovery should always be welcome. On top of that, Instagram will instantly allow you to join the ranks of the heavy-hitters while helping your networking presence soar to new heights. So get out there and start networking through Instagram. All it takes is for you is to put yourself out there, snap a few photos, and dive on in.

    Your Entire Professional Portfolio at the Click of a Button

    One of Instagram’s supercharged uses is the ease of which it allows to to carry your complete professional portfolio with you, everywhere you go, with unparalleled ease of access. Instagram is not just useful for making connections online, but also strengthening your connections in the real world. This can be a little tricky with regards to certain industries, but for professions that are based on visual presentation, such as hairstylists, cooks, or artists, this is an absolute necessity to include in your repertoire. Making sure to keep your Instagram portfolio updated is a very basic step when it comes to highlighting your talents. Now that anyone can be a food blogger or art critic with the tap of a button, this is becoming a further hurdle to overcome while setting oneself apart. If it’s this easy to set up an Instagram account and kick your social media presence into high gear, then how can you possibly set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd? It is up you, after all, to set your personal brand apart from those of the masses and prove your worth. Instagram’s basic functions allow it to be used as your own portable portfolio, able to showcase your work at a moment’s notice, wherever you happen to be. The ability to pop open your entire portfolio, scanned easily with the swipe of a finger, really helps to set you up for success. Being able to show a prospective employer or client what caliber of work you are able to produce at a moment’s notice shows that you are prepared, and also allows you to prove right then and there, with examples, that you really are as good as you just stated.

    Use Keywords and SEO Management Strategy to Boost Your Brand Image

    Finally, and potentially most importantly, are your keywords and hashtags. These are the cornerstone of any successful social media account, and Instagram is no different. This is the last concept that you need to take into account in order to get the most out of your Instagram experience. Keywords connect your posts to others using similar topics/hashtags. Put simply, using proper keywords or hashtags means more and more meaningful and relevant viewers will be directed to your portfolio. Understanding how to properly use these is one of the most useful steps you can take towards unleashing the true power of Instagram. Using the correct keywords and hashtags allows a greater audience to potentially find your submissions, each designed to make you look your very best. The fact that these words are used to find similar posts to ones that you enjoy, while also allowing you to search for specific topics if you would like to narrow things down, can help you reach your widest range of potential viewers. The more relevant keywords used, the more relevant people are going to find your work, which is the whole point of this process to begin with. A wider audience opens up many more possibilities, and, ultimately, makes your job much simpler in the long run.

    Stop Procrastinating. Put Your New Knowledge Into Practice!

    With all these benefits to using Instagram, it is surprising that more people do not know how to a squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the app. Following these basics can help you make the most out of your Instagram usage, further promote your brand to the best of your ability, and inevitably catapult you towards success in today’s online marketplace. Getting yourself out there, showing off your talents to worldwide industry leaders, and ensuring the engagement of the broadest possible audience simply couldn’t be easier. The marketplace is forever changing. Thankfully, Instagram is here to help us make the most of it.



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