You may have noticed that Twitter has set up important updates. The latest figures show there are actually 20 million of fake Twitter users. Let’s discover these new updates for 2014!

    A new design for Twitter

    You probably haven’t missed the brand new Twitter design. This new flat design is more spaced out and uncluttered. The previous design was too packed up and was too complicated for those who had never used Twitter before.

    You can now find more information about Twitter accounts such as the number of photos/videos posted, the number of favorites and  when you first created your account.

    DOZ Twitter account

    Moreover, as you may have noticed, there are now cover photos. These cover photos reminds us of Facebook. This is clearly a way to attract internet users who are familiar to this kind of features, and convert them to Twitter users.

    What are the new Twitter features?

    Twitter launched 6 new features:

    • Gallery photos: this feature allows you to post up to 4 pictures and create a photo gallery (only for smartphones users at the moment).
    •  Twitter cards: these rich snippets allow users to highlight their posts with additional content.
    • Advanced search: this new feature is useful to search different kinds of content (photos, news, people, etc.)
    • Filter:  the filter feature allows users to identify their most engaging tweets. It is very useful to measure your KPIs.
    • Pin a tweet: this feature allows you to lock a tweet at the top of your timeline in order to give it more visibility.
    • Identification: here’s a Facebook feature again, which consists of tagging people on pictures.
    • Emoji : Emoji are now available on Twitter!

    There are also many rumors about new coming features such as sharing (instead of RT), and the disappearance of # (hashtag) and @ (mention). Wait and see…

    My advices to get more followers on Twitter

    To get more followers, make engaging and shareable tweets. Use percutant terms, add a photo and a link, do not abuse of hashtags (2 maximum), and leave enough characters to get a customized retweet. Use social media tool (Buffer or  Tweetdeck for instance). They are very useful to schedule, hook up, and find relevant content. These tools can also help you track your tweets by trying different posting times and identify what’s most successful with your audience. You should also listen  to your audience, and talk to them the right way (use related hashtags, participate in events, organize contests, ask for a retweet).

    You can find all these tips in details and many more in this infographic to get more followers.




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