Social Media Marketing Techniques for Twitter

You know you need a social media marketing plan – but what are you doing about it?

Yes, getting an account on Facebook is easy but dressing up your page and getting your Edge Rank up is going to take a little time. And, yes, Instagram is great for sharing photos, but it isn’t always relevant to every business.

But Twitter is a different story for a social media marketing plan.

Getting your business started and established on Twitter is easy. Deciding how to proceed once established is slightly more difficult. If your company is new to the social media marketing arena, try some of these easy beginner tips to promote your company or brand, engage your Twitter followers, and reap the benefits of the global reach of the Twitter audience.


Get employees involved in social media marketing

Don’t stop at a single business account. Have employees create their own Twitter accounts as well to promote conversation and discussions and keep Twitter followers updated on the day to day dealings of being an employee at your company. People love and insider’s view, it makes them feel “in the know” and closer to your brand as a result.

Live cast company events, conferences and lectures

When attending an industry conference, use your business’s Twitter account to keep an running update on what’s going on. Spread the information around for those who are unable to attend the event. Your Twitter followers will be grateful for that simple service you can provide.

Broadcast early alerts of upcoming sales, deals and discounts

Everyone loves a sale or bargain. If you make a habit of informing your Twitter followers first of any upcoming offerings, your community will exponentially increase. As word spreads of the benefits to be had by being a follower of your business on Twitter, you will expand the reach and spread the message of your company and what you do to an ever widening circle of contacts, who will in turn pass it along to their contacts.

Link to breaking news

When a new story, product or registration opportunity goes up on your website, be sure to post a link to Twitter. Not only will your loyal followers click over to your site to see what is up, new and curious individuals may be drawn to your site for the first time. Be sure your site is designed with easy navigation and related products and stories to draw new viewers in to exploring what you have to offer.

Social media marketing strategies can be complex and involved, but starting out with marketing your business on Twitter is an easy first step for those new to social media. With practice and exploration, more opportunities and techniques can be added to your social media marketing arsenal.


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