6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Blog

    This article was written by Sebastian Tan. He is a blogger and freelance writer that enjoys to travel and enjoy life. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and also check out his blog.

    Blogging is a word that has become much more common than we probably could have ever imagined. Blogs are important because their content is made by everyday people about everyday things that other everyday people find interesting. Blogging is now at a point where businesses can use it effectively to maintain an online presence. It is now crucial and this trend will follow this lead in the future. Here are some of the reasons why you should be blogging for your business.

    SEO benefits

    Search engines, like Google, use complex rules in order to help people target what they are looking for. Search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore an important feature for all businesses to consider. When making a search on Google, the search engine will optimize your search in order to get out the most relevant information.

    Blogging means writing for a specific target about topics which might be interesting for them. By using focused key-words, your article will be classified as ‘relevant’, and get a high ranking in search results. Therefore, blogging regularly about frequently searched topics is a good way to increase your leads. The better the content, the more traffic. And the more traffic, the more search engines will link people to your content.

    Traffic generation

    One of blogging’s biggest goals for businesses is to generate extra traffic to your website and to positively influence your business. This usually appears in the form of increased sales. As mentioned previously, having some kind of wanted information and blogging about it will lead to more users finding their way to your website.

    Search engines directly benefit you in this case, but it also opens up other ways for users to find your website. This could be through social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or word-of-mouth. People have become very hungry for information and providing some with a blog will get them to visit your website.

    Creates authority

    Blogging within your area of expertise can help reinforce your credibility as an expert in your field. For example, having a traveller blog about traveling tips makes the advice more reliable. Indeed, it is easier to believe someone who demonstrates some kind of expertise, than none. This has a huge impact on your brand and people will be more inclined to trust your products or service, especially when they recognize you as an authority on a certain topic. This is an interesting metric that is difficult to measure, but is extremely valuable. It may also lead to opportunities, such as sponsored advertising and partnerships through your blog.

    Lead generation

    Every business is looking for good quality leads and blogging is the perfect way to find them. It has been well documented that the more indexed pages that you have on a website the more leads you are likely to have. When people access your blogs you already know that they are interested in your field and it becomes easier to target them in your marketing campaigns.

    You can collect people’s e-mail addresses by providing an option to subscribe to your blog. Thanks to a weekly, or monthly newsletter, you can then market directly to them, keeping them interested in your product or service. Your opportunity to market and sell is in a much better position, because they already have some trust in your brand, expertise and, most likely, your product or service.

    Drive your social media

    One of the best things to do is to use your blog’s content in order to drive your social media channels. Instead of trying to look for content, you can simply post it on your social media channels and enjoy the benefits of click throughs and shares. Leveraging social media networks is something that has really made the blogging sphere take off and with so many people using social media, it is not hard to see why.

    Engage with customers or potential customers

    Blog posts are the ideal way to get people to engage with your business and become familiar with your brand. Encouraging people to comment on your blog creates a very positive user engagement that you can take advantage of. This kind of engagement can really make people decide on whether or not they will buy your product or service. They trust you more for giving them information you become a buying option for them.

    This comes back to my previous point about the authority that blogging can bring to your brand. Engaging people properly also means giving people the means to communicate with you. There are many good comment platforms available, for example the native WordPress comments tool or an external tool such as Disqus.

    Forces your business to stay relevant

    Content marketers don’t often think about it; however blogging helps your business to stay more relevant. This works in two ways. Firstly, by staying active and communicating with users, and secondly, by forcing you to research trends and future events.

    We already talked about the first aspect, but the second aspect is also very important. Your business will need to research the best practices and trends in your industry. As a result, you will have them in mind, which will help you make better business decisions. It is extremely important, as businesses need to be able to adapt to the future.


    Blogging is extremely important for all businesses. In the digital age, I would highly recommend that any business blog about anything related to their field. After all, they are experts in it and it shouldn’t be overly difficult for them to achieve. Relevant content creation is huge and every business now needs to consider blogging as well as other content avenues in order to succeed.



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