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Content marketing: 5 trends to watch

John DOZ

We’re inching closer to the midpoint of 2014, and that means it’s time to reassess some content marketing practices. While there will certainly be changes – and likely some unexpected twists – on the horizon, there are also a few...

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[Infographic] Marketing Automation Is Here

Ben Issa

Marketing automation. It’s one of the most exciting trends in marketing, whether traditional or digital, online or in-person, and understanding how it will affect your business is going to be key to making cost-effective marketing decisions in the years ahead....

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Content Therapy: 5 tips for better content in 2013


Panda Update #24 Google tweeted last week they were releasing another update to their algorithm. This is the first in 2013 and the 24th Panda update in total. It was stated that about1.2% of English queries were expected to be affected. The Panda update focuses...

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