Panda Update #24

    Panda update cleans up content

    Google tweeted last week they were releasing another update to their algorithm. This is the first in 2013 and the 24th Panda update in total. It was stated that about1.2% of English queries were expected to be affected. The Panda update focuses on quality control and reprimands sites, not just certain pages, who use poor quality content and tactics. These tactics include keyword stuffing, duplicate content, spam, and irrelevant keyword placement. Since the first update in February of 2011, these updates have become routine and rankings on “bad” sites have steadily declined. Google is taking the initiative to clean up search results so only the most relevant and quality results show in queries.

    5 Tips To Kick Start Your 2013 Content

    With this update and the new year in mind, we have a list of tips to help remedy your content problems.

    • Include only accurate and relevant information that answers the questions people are searching for. Keep it relevant to the questions people are actually looking to have answered. There is no point in having a page about a topic people are not searching you for. Keeping your content as accurate and factual as possible leads to a trustworthy reputation. A trustworthy reputation means reliability and users will keep coming back.
    • Edit content for readability and mistakes, this leads to a professional appearance and is beneficial in insuring you rank appropriately. If you want to rank in “shoes” but have a typo and instead rank in “shows”, people are not going to find you in their search. As well, users will be turned off from pages that have large amounts of mistakes and make your site appear incompetent.
    • Make your site as simple and user friendly as possible to keep users on your page. Ranking number one is not going to boost your ROI if your bounce back rate is sky high. You need people staying on your sites long enough to sell them your brand or get your point across. Content should be welcoming and easy to navigate in order to insure people find what they are looking for on your site.
    • Content and link building go hand in hand. Think about inbound links to your pages; create content people want to share on their own sites or social media. A page that goes viral can lead to a huge return. Creating unique and impressive content that others are impressed by means more visibility and traffic for you. Who does not love free advertisement?
    • The previous four tips lead to our final tip, your brand. Build a brand, with content that supports your whole brand image. If you think about the brands that have been around forever, they have locked themselves into peoples’ subconscious. If you see the “golden arches” on anything, you know it is McDonald’s and you might even know their current slogan.  It is this type of connection you want. People instantly know the logo and hopefully have a positive impression of the overall brand.



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