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    Definition of the word Chatbot. It is robotic software implanted in the conversation zones. Among other things, it allows you to chat with several customers at once, get more ideas from the best PPC Expert for small business.

    The first intelligent software was invented by MIT in the United States. ELIZA was founded in 1966 by its founder Joseph Weizenbaum. His first sentence was constantly “Hello, why are you coming to see me »?

    The arrival of the chatbot in marketing a few years ago

    It was in 2016 that Facebook integrated for the first time its chatbot on its social network. The software simulated a conversation as if two people were actually talking to each other. Learn more about marketing and in general the sale. The arrival of the chatbot in marketing saves considerable time. Previously on the commitment of people to meet people one by one. The software and your task is finished. The software invented by the man are there to satisfy the customer and thus to sell more easily. People often have 2-3 questions no more for a product or a benefit. The software with its algorithm will then understand the client and give him a precise answer.

    Previously the chatbot responses  was broke now easier with the evolution of technology, they are fast and efficient. We always try to be close to the customer, to become his friend. The more a customer has been sent to help, the more you want to spend and talk about your brand. Marketing chats have become personal and close to the customer. Another with the fact that you have a good day.

    Innovative companies looking for change

    With the arrival of chatbot, brands have learned to evolve in the way of selling a product. The expenses are not the same, we focus now mainly on online advertising whether by paid or free listing. We also think about improving customer service and this is where the marketing chatbot comes in. It can also serve as a customer service. Because yes many customers come to inquire for the purchase of a product or a service. But others are also there to make a claim against a default, a return or just a notice on the product or service. The online chatbot allows you to centralize all requests and not to name someone for a particular service. Significant savings are made and the company can then invest in other levers of acquisitions.


    We also saw the arrival of new marketing chatbot on Facebook :

    • Burberry with the addition of an assistant for shopping in Messenger. New features include the use of GIF and emoticons to talk with his client and the opportunity to offer customers new products that could please them.
    • Kayak provided a chatbot to find and book a flight, hotel or activity without going through its main platform.
    • The different digital newspapers are up to the page, you just have to fill your interests and you will receive a notification of current events. This allows nothing to miss and not looking for the right information to know absolutely.
    • Burger King who thanks to his Chatbot will be able to take orders from his customers without them move. In addition, a study was done recently on chatbot marketing
    • HM thanks to the different questions that will ask the chatbot will be able to deduce and offer a style of clothing to its customers on the other side of the conversation Messenger.
    • With Facebook you can find a job offer or even change the information of your Linkedin profile. Nobody went before on Facebook to find a job, now it is possible and fast.

    For my part I had the pleasant surprise of talking with a chatbot to find work with an agency. This chatbot asked me, among other things, what my qualifications were and in what area I wanted to work. At the end of these questions, I give my contact details to be contacted in the future. All domains on the internet are affected by chatbot, as can be seen for example in the travel.

    A constant evolution towards customer support

    Different companies are trying to revolutionize the way their customers consume. For example According to a Hubspot research, no less than 47% of consumers would not hesitate to conduct a transaction controlled by a bot. In addition, 40% of users do not see any inconvenience to interact with a bot if it is good advice. In addition we quickly forget that a software is usable 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d, which makes the customer experience more than pleasant. We often had problems with different products that we had bought before. But with the chatbot no constraint that solutions, all doors are open. No more frustrations for desperate consumers in the face of their many problems.

    I had the chance to work on a chatbot for a company selling student flats. What’s amazing is the fact that the chatbot software learns from his mistakes and improves after every discussion with a person. Facebook has been a forerunner in the use of bot marketing and now all tests are done on this platform.

    See the futur

    All the company want to increase their sales but they don’t found the key of success. But with the Chatbots on the marketplace there are many request for install them. This software has been modified in all forms to reach all the targets on the market. With all its features when will it stop in innovation ?

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