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    Copywriting is critical for the growth of your business whether you’re at the head of a startup or leading a company that’s been around for decades. However, copywriting may be an aspect of your business that you haven’t paid much attention to until this moment. Here are three reasons to take notice and put energy into making sure your business copywriting is up to snuff.

    Copywriting Can Make or Break Communication with Others

    Whenever you communicate with your colleagues or the general public, you will have someone writing copy in order to do so. This is the case whether someone is writing a speech, blog post, employee manual, commercial script, or business contract.

    • In The Office

    Clear copy is critical for making sure that employees understand their jobs, including compensation, benefits, responsibilities, and possible reprimands. Business partners also need to clearly understand what their role is in relation to the business, what they can expect from your company, and what your company will be expecting from them.

    When you aren’t clear in the copy you produce for these entities, you run the risk of minor misunderstandings and even catastrophic lawsuits due to breaches of contracts.

    • With the Public

    When you are producing contracts, agreements, service descriptions, or product descriptions to the public, your copy needs to be clear in order to prevent customers from feeling used or tricked.

    If you say that a length of fabric is 3 yards wide instead of 3 feet wide, you will have some very unhappy customers who will want refunds or the rest of their fabric. They will also be quite likely to relay their sloppy, unprofessional experience with your company to others, decreasing the likelihood of you gaining further business through word-of-mouth and damaging your reputation.

    Copywriting matters both inside and outside of the office. Paying attention to it keeps your business running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

    Bad Copywriting Looks Irresponsible and Lazy

    When you use copy that is littered with misspelled words, missing words, and improper grammar, you make your company look bad by seeming irresponsible. A company that a potential customer can trust takes the time to vet their writers, and their copy, so that the copy suits the voice, mission, and purpose of the piece.

    When you don’t take the time to make sure that your copy is on point, it becomes harder to trust that you will do the same with your customer service. When you don’t show that you care enough about something as public and influential as your company’s reputation, it can make it difficult for customers to believe that you’ll work to offer them high-quality products and services for their personal and business needs.


    Copywriting Permeates Everything You Do

    Even businesses that conduct all of their transactions online cannot escape the need for strong copywriting. Unfortunately, doing business online makes the need for good copywriting even more important.

    In face-to-face interactions, people have more to go on when a message is given. Body language, such as the rolling of eyes or fidgeting, gives a deeper meaning to any messages that are given. Tone of voice, word inflection, and the amount of personal space given to people all can affect the way in which people perceive the message they are being sent and the company sending it.

    When people are very socially awkward, online-only interactions can be a life-saver. People only have to deal with the person’s ideas and don’t get caught up in why they don’t make more eye contact or that they chose to wear a particularly garish shirt to a business meeting.

    However, even this benefit can become a problem if the person doing the writing isn’t able to do so in an effective manner. Then the brilliant business plans and wonderful vision for how products will be used by consumers are lost in a haze of poor copywriting.

    A focus on copywriting savvy can help save your business from issues that can undermine all the hard work you’ve put into bringing the company together. Hire talented copywriters, learn to write well yourself, or delegate copywriting tasks to someone on your team you can trust to do a great job at it.



    1. What other services do you think I need to keep my audience engaged for Go Fund Me and Kickstarter? Any suggestions?

    2. Dylan Kissane on

      Copywriting is essential for a successful crowdfunding campaign, but other elements have a big role to play, too. A professional demonstration video, high quality images, and rewards that will encourage people to take a chance on your project help on the product’s page. Outside of the product page, you’ll want to leverage all the social media you can to drive interest in your product. Use your existing networks, and reach out to everyone you can, particularly at the launch of your campaign and in the final days, too.

    3. Content Writer on

      In this age when Google emphasizes on quality content, it makes sense more than ever to hire someone to write content. I agree that bad content looks lazy and irresponsible, and it’s also necessary to add that there’s already too much poorly written content on the web, so no one should add more. Hire a copywriter if you cannot write well.

    4. Peter Ross on

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