All of the best content in the world won’t do a thing for your company if no one is reading it. But how do you reach an audience? The task can seem overwhelming at times, especially with the Internet enabling you to reach consumers in all corners of the world. Even with all of the obstacles, content marketing has proven to be a smart investment for many businesses.

    Consumers want content

    You may be asking yourself if content marketing is a worthwhile endeavor for your company. The reasons why this effort is beneficial for your brand go far beyond Google algorithms and marketing strategies, though, and you should be sure to consider some of the related perks when formulating your plan. Edelman’s Consumer Marketing Study found that almost 90 percent of all global online consumers want brands to share content on this medium.

    Another reason why content is so important? Because users don’t want to deal with ads – and in fact, they are more likely to connect with your brand through content than paid advertisements. Content Plus reported that as much as 70 percent of consumers would rather learn about a company with content than ads.

    Despite all of the people looking for this service, and all of the businesses already taking part, only 10 percent believe that brands share content well, the study showed. Clearly there is a market available for people who take the time to accomplish effective content marketing. But before it can be achieved, brands need to learn what the audience wants.

    If you want to know, ask

    So you’ve determined that the audiences wants content, but now what? With so many different types of content available, ranging from blog posts and in-depth journalism to infographics and photos, it is important to zero in on the format that will be best for you. This first requires deciding on the message you want to get across to the audience, however – and that means learning what it is they want to know. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply to ask customers, readers and social media followers to shed some light on their interests. Additionally, there are a few studies that provide a more general overview of what users are looking for online.

    The Edelman Consumer Marketing Study also noted a significant gap between what consumers want and what companies produce. For instance, although more than half of respondents said they looked for brands to share information on how their services stack up against competitors, less than 17 percent of businesses put this into practice. The same was true for communicating about the source of products and services. About 54 percent of audiences desire transparency around how the items are made. Additionally, nearly half of all consumers want brands to ask the audience regarding their needs before listening and responding thoughtfully.

    Inject personality into content

    Finally, if you’re looking to appeal to customers with your content, you can’t have it be bland and boring. Content that is meant to attract everyone ultimately appeals to no one. Instead, you should be ready to spice up your content marketing so it strikes a chord with users.

    Business 2 Community noted that there are many traps that brands can fall into when traversing the world of content marketing, and one of these is producing boring content. Anything that fail to entertain users or lacks innovation can send consumers packing mere seconds after they land on a website. To prevent this from happening, be sure to craft a personality for your brand and spread it around your content. You also shouldn’t be afraid to take risks every once in a while, as these are often the efforts that wind up doing the most good.


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