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    The audience gets enticed when your blog contains unique information compared to other blogs. The structure and format of your blog must be easily understandable for beginners, information seekers, learners, etc. This helps to attract them in a bigger way.

    Creative blogs help to attract the people and make them visit your blog frequently. Attract the audience by providing the latest information. Making your targeted audience to visit your blog frequently is an art. So, you need to follow some powerful tips through which you can easily grab the attention of them.

    Here are some of the tips to attract your potential audience with creative blogs.

    Ensure your Content is SEO-Friendly

    To grab the attention of your customer’s, your content must be SEO-friendly. You have to get smart about search engine optimization. Identify and gather the keywords for your topic and think about the best way to insert those search terms in the title and the body of the post.

    Describe the Article in your Audience’s Language

    When you write an article, describe your entire article based on your target audience’s language. This helps you to benefit more both from an SEO perspective and general engagement. This language resonates with your end customers. So, try to impress your customers with your wordings.

    Use Innovative Titles

    Usage of good and innovative titles is important. Make your title concise, interesting and shareable. This helps you to get more clicks to your blog article.

    Tip: Do not underestimate the power of a superlative like ‘most’, ‘best’, or ‘biggest’.

    Concentrate More on Trendy Things

    Concentrating on trendy things and writing them in your article helps you a lot. The more authentic you are; the better response you would get. Be thoughtful, use research, and know what’s going on in the blogosphere before writing the article.

    Introduce Fresh Perspectives

    Choosing various topics is very important and plays a key role. Introduce some fresh perspectives to your audience and make them sharing it to their network, at least through social media.

    Add Personal Value

    It greatly enhances your reputation on the internet as many people start recommending your blog. Many people start linking to your site where the search engine will take that as an affirmation that your blog is of great value and move your rankings higher.

    Brand Your Audience

    Strike an emotional chord with your audience by spreading an informative post. With this, you can attract more audience to your blog. This could increase their enthusiasm as identifying the problem and providing them a solution make a bigger difference.

    Create a branded term to refer to your esteemed readers. This helps your readers to feel special, and feel very excited to evangelize the crowd.

    Get a Niche and Form a Brand

    Concrete more on news, unique articles and post them on your blog. Remember that people get attracted when they found something new on your blog. Focus on a segment of the public, efficiently and effectively meeting the unique demands of those in that segment. Having 50 highly qualified and target specific hits in a day is better than getting 1000 hits a day. You have to develop an expert knowledge about a niche and blog.

    Tip: The SECRET behind standing out today is ‘GETTING REAL SPECIFIC’ with what your blog stands for. This is all about defining the focus and target audience of your blog and sticking strongly to them.

    Follow Unique Style of Writing

    Create your own brand identity through your way of writing. Make your audience stick to your blog and leave unique memories and emotions on your readers both through your topic and their style of writing.

    Verify Post Length

    In order to keep people interested, post articles of varying lengths. Based on the topic, you have to post a regular 400 to 600-word article. Sometimes you can post a 1000 word article. And at other times, you can just post a 50-word tip.

    Use Creative Images and Multimedia

    Keep your audience interested by using a variety of formats, such as video posts, text posts, and audio posts. Insert creative images in your blog post. You can also include pictures, screenshots, charts and other illustrations that keep your blog visually interesting.

    Update your Blog Regularly

    Posting an article regularly will make people come back to see what’s new on your blog. At a minimum, commit to posting once a week. Depending on your niche and the goal of your blog, you may post daily. You can also post even multiple times per day.

    Focus More on your Target Audience Interest

    Focus more on audience’s interest, if they are interested reading on a particular niche, post more articles on that niche. This helps your audience enjoy your posts and even they would get enticed to your blog.

    Create Regular Features

    This is another way to make your blog sticky and encourage repeat visitors. Creating weekly features helps you a lot. These regular features might include things such as:

    •       The ‘Tip of the week’
    •       Picture of the Day
    •       A weekly product review
    •       An interview with a niche expert
    •       The top ten blog posts elsewhere in the niche

    Spread the Words

    Finally, posting daily on interesting stories on different subject matters is a good way to grab client’s attention. Making interesting observations on your post together with a link is a great way to grab your regular reader’s attention. Do it in a different way to make them glue your post regularly.

    Besides attracting the audience, instructive and well-written blogs help to enhance the knowledge of the people. Insertion of images also play a key role in attracting the audience.



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