Do you know the blank page syndrome? or as Wikipedia calls it, the writer’s block?

    It is that stare in front of your bear page. It is that pen trembling in your hands or your fingers paralyzed on your keyboard. It is that itch to surf on ideas and that urge to write out your soul when your mind and heart are too busy running out of words to figure out what they should mean.

    It is wanting, needing, craving to write whilst being unable to. 

    There are many articles and pieces of research done on the subject. I am not here to give you the same tip you have been reading for the hundredth time. I am only going to tell you what I know about it.

    I am a 21-year-old freelancer and student, and for many of you I might not have the sufficient experience or credibility you are looking for. I am fine with that. Nevertheless, I have been writing my whole life (or let’s say as soon as I knew how to articulate words and use a pen) and working in startup’s content marketing environment for over two years now (some of you might have read my previous work). I wrote short stories, articles, poems, essays, songs, and so on. I managed blogs, gave writing feedback, and entertained a community when I was fourteen to sixteen years old. I was hired at eighteen to do the same thing. Writing is pretty much all I know.

    My only and main issue has always been writing long pieces for the mere reason that each time, I end up facing the same phenomena: a writer’s block. Meaning, I know what I want to write, but then, again, I cannot figure out the right words to express it, or the order in which I should write it, or I simply run out of inspiration, however, in situations like this ones, I list out all my ideas, in order to come back to them later. But I never do. But I swear I will. Someday.

    Whilst many think the writer’s block only occurs when writing something, I figured it not to be true at all. In fact, the writer’s block can happen in any life situation:

    • When you finish a TV show, and forget what to do next
    • When you arrive at the supermarket, and forget what you were supposed to buy
    • When you enter a room, not knowing why you came here in the first place
    • When you are feeling depressed, and are unable to do any productive activity
    • When you launch your business, blog or website and you fail taking the next steps in its development

    Regardless of the situation, the answer to any writer’s block is… to continue.

    The right answer is not to solve a problem you are currently incapable of dealing with. The right answer is to figure a way out of that block, a way that will enable you to complete the task you were firstly focusing on.

    Let me explain: you are not going to the supermarket to buy bread, cheese, butter and ham. You are going to the supermarket to buy something to eat. If you forgot what you had to buy, do not walk in the supermarket for hours trying to reminisce. It does not matter.

    Instead, remember that you entered the supermarket to buy ingredients to make food, because you wanted to eat. So if you forgot you had to buy bread, cheese, butter and ham; it is fine: you can buy salad, tomatoes, tuna and sauce to make yourself a salad instead of a sandwich.

    Next time:

    • When you are facing a writer’s block after finishing a TV show, make a list of everything you have to do in order to avoid that ‘I do not know what to do’ feeling
    • When you are feeling depressed, drop down the productive activities for ones that make you happy in order to quit that depressed state
    • When you do not know where to take your business anymore, read, make research and talk with people in order to trigger inspiration

    And when, like me, you cannot figure how to write a long piece, start by writing consistently. 

    I want to write a book or a movie scenario; I shall start with these Monday articles.

    Welcome to the first one. I hope you have an incredible rest of your week.

    With love, Kat.🌟

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