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We are proud to announce the launch of DOZ, our innovative new product. You may have heard about it, since it was presented at Launch Festival 2013 on March 4-6th, in San Francisco.

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What is DOZ ?

In a few words, DOZ is an automated  marketing platform that creates a turnkey experience for brands and websites looking to increase their audience from Organic sources such as Search Engines, Social Media and Blogs. Tailored for websites looking to manage multiple campaigns in diverse locations without the complication of hiring in house staff or managing freelancers; DOZ  gives access to local markets. Marketing professionals not only with knowledge and interest in your field, but also with instinctive familiarity of the community you are targeting will be working on your marketing campaigns.

Not Crowdsourcing but Prosourcing

You probably remember Jeff Howe’s now very famous Crowdsoucring definition : “the act of taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call.” Well, better than this, DOZ  takes advantage of “Prosourcing” which is the act of not taking in the crowd, but carefully screening the labor pool for those who most closely match your exact requirements. Specially designed algorithms search for possible candidates to qualify them to work  on DOZ. Expert’s backgrounds, skills, education, social networking sites, professional networking sites etc., are used as part of the vetting process. Only the most skilled and talented individuals are chosen. This technology allows DOZ a wide range of services and field coverage, as well as the ability to easily add to their repertoire when necessary.

For those of you who wonder what is the difference with Capseo, well, it caters specifically to U.S. companies, and is built on a proprietary new platform with more powerful algorithms.“Everything inside is new, it’s the same vision, and the same team working on it, but the product is different.”

For more in depth explanation of the way it works, read ‘s article “Using Crowdsourcing to Bolster Online Marketing Outreach

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