Here at DOZ we spend a lot of time thinking about the future of marketing and writing about it on our blog.

    Our own Kathy Lam has highlighted the potential and importance of content marketing, while guest poster Ally Greer of Scoop.it explained the sorts of content curation practices that marketers need to embrace to succeed in the future. Our friend Philip Dawsey of SunEdison has shown how marketing is now an essential part of every business, including basic household commodities. We’ve explained how to take social media marketing to the next level, the increasing importance of evergreen content, and the rise of interactive marketing.

    As the strategies have changed, so too have the marketers themselves. Today more marketers are moving away from the agency and embracing self-employment and freelancing. These freelancing marketers are winning big contracts, working with other marketers to launch digital agencies, and working on one of an increasing number of marketing platforms worldwide.

    But as new marketing strategies have emerged and new ways of working as a marketer have taken root, so to has the demand for tools to manage marketing efforts in this exciting new world.

    And so that’s why we have turned some of our time to reflecting not only on the future of marketing, but also the future of marketing management.

    We’ve put some of our thinking about the future of marketing management into a SlideShare presentation presented below. In the presentation you’ll learn:

    • where marketing is today, and where it’s going
    • why marketing is heading to the crowd
    • why prosourcing is better than crowdsourcing solutions
    • why new marketing management tools are required
    • what those new tools will deliver for marketers, managers, and brands

    The future of marketing management is coming and new tools will emerge – and soon. Will your business be ready to adapt to these new tools and platforms, or will you be playing catch up?

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