DOZ sat down with Brian Solis recently to talk about marketing, current trends, and future possibilities.

    Well known as a digital analyst and business strategist, Solis consults for the Altimeter Group and is a specialist in change management at the organizational level. He is also known as a futurist of sorts, with particular interests in the application of technology to current issues and future challenges. A gifted speaker who is able to maintain a personal touch whether speaking in intimate settings or at major conferences and events, Solis is an in-demand thought leader in the fields of tech, marketing, and management.

    In our exclusive interview with Brian Solis he shared his thoughts on the future of consumer interaction and the user experience, social media marketing, and also his vision of best practices in marketing to today’s demanding consumers. Today we present the second in our four part series as Solis discusses ‘The Future of Marketing’.

    Part Two: The Future of Marketing

    In this clip, Brian talks about the future of marketing. He considers the brand experiences that people cite as the best they’ve ever had, and reminds us how these experiences align with the values and marketing goals of the companies that provide them. He also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover or first entrant in a new market. While there are opportunities that emerge from acting early, there are also some significant downsides that often result in misreading of the market and its potential.

    If you missed it, Part One of our exclusive interview with Brian Solis is here.


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