Google is enhancing user experience and personalization

    Gmail results 2

    They plan to integrate Gmail results into search results, making sorting through personal information even more efficient. Want to quickly access an important email from a coworker ? Or perhaps flight information for an upcoming trip ? Be a tester !

    In Progress

    While currently only available in a field trial for English speaking Gmail users, if results are positive Google could integrate this feature into standard results.

    How it works

    Is your inbox in a less than organized state ? Well with adding Gmail results to Google results, users can bypass organizing their inbox’s and can simply search a keyword in the document they want.

    Users would have to be signed into their Google accounts, but would use the search page, not the Gmail tab. 5 Gmail results would be listed on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These results would be organized by keyword reference and date, with the most recent email from the last 60 days appearing first. The keyword can be mentioned in the body, title or in the from field.

    While maps and shopping results would appear at the top, Gmail results would be above paid ads and graphs, a prime location targeted by marketers.

    Gmail results 2

    Game changer

    This makes it possible to be in the top search result rankings without paying for ads, which increases the relevance of expert email marketing techniques. Emails will need to highlight important keywords, but remain relevant and user friendly. Since the email results are based on the most recent emails and only 5 are listed, emails will need to be sent regularly, without becoming a nuisance or spam. Creating a large email list will be essential to success. The more subscribers there are, the more potential site traffic there is.

    Sound like a good idea ?

    I just signed up for the field trial and so far I think it is a great addition! What do you think of this upgrade?



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