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Getting your website on top of local searches

John DOZ

Jessica Smith is the Editorial Executive of Postific, a free social media management and marketing platform created to help businesses increase social engagement and reach more customers. Learn more about Jessica by following her on Twitter and on Google. Effective...

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Google Authorship Is Your Key to Clicks

Ben Issa

Let’s start with a little bit of etymology. The word author evolved from the Latin word auct, and denotes not only someone who writes something – the author of a novel, or a blog post, or a film script – but also...

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Gmail integrated into Google Results


Google is enhancing user experience and personalization They plan to integrate Gmail results into search results, making sorting through personal information even more efficient. Want to quickly access an important email from a coworker ? Or perhaps flight information for...

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Can Google really block the spam on the Internet ?


Since a few months, Google is faced to numerous complaints about the bad quality of its results. Is Matt Cutts anti-spam team totally outdated? The new extension Google Chrome allowing to block some sites in the results, developed by the...

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