Crowdsourcing put you on stage

    Pepsi announced last week a crowdsourced photo contest for the Beyonce half time show for this year’s Super Bowl.  Fans have the chance to win 1 of 50 spots to appear on stage in an introduction for Beyonce. Pepsi posts a daily pose and fans must send in a picture of themselves reenacting this pose. In addition to being able to participate in the actual half time show, some fans have the chance to be featured on Super Bowl advertisements. Pepsi is embracing the idea of using crowdsourcing to not only engage fans, but also improve the quality of the show and experience for viewers. If crowdsourcing wasn’t mainstream before, it definitely is now!

    Crowdsourced Superbowl Contest

    What does 2013 have in store ?

    This got me thinking, if crowdsourcing can get you on stage with Beyonce, what else could it do? What could crowdsourcing have in store for 2013? So here are some possibilities (???) to watch out for this year, you decide if you think they could happen or not…

    • Crowdsourced restaurants will become a hit across the country. Different chefs can apply to cook on different nights and diners can vote on their favorites.
    • Nike crowdsources customers to appear in their “Just Do It” ads, everyday people who are really inspirational.
    • Social Media meets Crowdsourcing. A new social media site emerges which allows users to apply to create new apps and features, a completely crowd produced experience.
    • Jeopardy crowdsources categories from fans, Watson chooses the winners.  The campaign brings about new wave of Jeopardy popularity.
    • Absolut begins localized crowdsourced marketing campaigns in regions highlighting how natives mix their vodka in drinks.
    • A new marketing company emerges which changes and fixes the issues of global digital marketing to streamline the process while simultaneously revolutionizing crowdsourcing. ;-)

    Where do you think crowdsourcing will go in 2013? Share with us your thoughts!

    Capseo wishes you a Happy New Year! This is going to be an exciting year for us,  stay tuned!


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