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Crowdsourced Advertising Changes the Game

Dylan Kissane

Politicians want your vote and, to get it, they’re increasingly looking to be one thing above all else: authentic. According to Pace University Associate Professor Christopher Malone, authenticity is increasingly what voters are looking and listening for when politicians and...

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How Crowdsourcing Changed the Way We Travel

Casey Shea

Let me tell you about the vacation I took just a few weeks ago. It started, well, a few months before I climbed on the airplane. I had some vacation time coming up and I spent a couple of lunch breaks...

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Case Study: The Best Job in the World

Dylan Kissane

The global tourism industry is big. Really big. Like seven trillion dollars a year big. Around the world countries, regions, and cities fight for their share of this thirteen-figure total. Of course, a whole lot of this money is generated...

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3 Reasons to use Crowdsourcing for your Business

Ben Issa

Crowdsourcing is a creative process — a brainstorm where people from around the world can work together to share great ideas. Here, discover 3 reasons to use crowdsourcing for your business. What is crowdsourcing ? In marketing, crowdsourcing is a way...

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Super Bowl Blackout Turns into Free Marketing Dream


A Knockout Blackout The lights may have went out on Sunday at the Super Dome, but the lights were anything but out for marketers who were able to cleverly take advantage of the situation. The power outage gave brands the...

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Beyonce and Pepsi are crowdsourcing? What’s next for 2013?


Crowdsourcing put you on stage Pepsi announced last week a crowdsourced photo contest for the Beyonce half time show for this year’s Super Bowl.  Fans have the chance to win 1 of 50 spots to appear on stage in an introduction for Beyonce. Pepsi posts a...

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Google+ is all about crowdsourcing and influence

Carine Esteves

The Social Network killer? Google+ is new!  Nice future? Or so it seems. Of course, it may be premature to entertain the role that G+ might play in disaster response just few weeks after its beta launch, but Google seems...

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Crowdsourcing: The Wisdom and Power of the People


There’s a long-standing notion that there is wisdom in crowds. Yet in the world of SaaS and high-technology there is a growing understanding that there is not only wisdom in crowds, but power in crowds, too. Increasingly, business models are...

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