The Social Network killer?

    Google+ is new!  Nice future? Or so it seems.

    Of course, it may be premature to entertain the role that G+ might play in disaster response just few weeks after its beta launch, but Google seems fully committed to making this new venture succeed. Time will tell whether or not Google+ is able to take over the social media world. Its users might just seem a little bit empty on FB or Twitter. Fans of Google+ might just love it for many reasons, the principal is that it combines features found previously on separate platforms.  The sign from Google+ is also the integration of other social layers, such as “Google+ Game” which was launch yesterday.

    Life becomes full Circle


    One of the most prominent, unique, appealing and much talked about is the ‘Circles’ feature, which allows people to not only connect but organize life, relate with each other and create strong groups that are together not because of geographical options but interests. You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. As Google says : “Circles make it easy to put friends in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life”. 

    Google+ is using crowdsourcing!

    By adding others to circles, Google+ users will define very precisely how people are related to each other, who belong to what kind of circles, so it defines precise profile for everyone. Circles are not just networks but a kind of honeycombs which can be used by Google as a fantastic  crowdsourcing tool. All the members of Google+ will help Google to do more precise targeting for their Ad Products based on the individuals and groups’ behaviors. It won’t be long before we see in the right column of the interface a list of Adwords which will be related not only to what we share but also to which circles we belong to. Let’s say that an important amount of your Google+ contacts add you to circles that are composed with a majority of  “Music Fans”, it won’t be a surprise when you see appear Music related adds.



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