As I explained in my previous post “Why Social Media Matters to Your Business”, social networks matter. However, with the dozens of possibilities, it can be hard at times to select the right Social Media Content Strategy for your business, let alone to develop the working strategy for each.

    Before digging into each of the most famous social networks, here are 4 golden rules for Social Media Content Strategy on multiple networks.

    1. Differentiate your communities

    Why, this might sound strange to hear (or weird to read, whichever). How can you differentiate communities when the people you are targeting are supposedly fitting into the same buyer persona? Well, that’s the thing: they are not fitting into the same buyer persona.

    In fact, the communities you are going to target on Facebook and Twitter are completely different. Indeed, they are both interested in your product, but most likely not for the same reasons or the same usage.

    The mere fact that they are using different social networks says a lot about their age, interests, and social circles. It’s important to have a Social Media Content Strategy against your competitor.

    2. Diversify your Social Media Content Strategy

    In order to fit each Social Media Content Strategy you must diversify your social media posts. How can you concretely do that? I mean, when you need to share a blog post, there is not 1,000 ways to tell your audience to check it out… is there?

    I can agree with you: the message, the story will not change. However, the delivery will be completely different.

    Storytelling, or the story you tell about your business, matters in that sense. It represents your social media posts’ background. The delivery format will change depending on the social network used, but not the inherent message.

    For instance, let’s say you are a retail in the wine industry. You position your business as a friendly and family-oriented brand. You want to emphasize the “sharing” aspect of your product. This is what your brand is. Thus, you are never going to present your wine as luxurious; but rather, as a wine to consume in a fun, friendly atmosphere (family dinner, night home with friends, etc.). Although you will focus much more on the aesthetics in your Instagram posts, than in your Facebook ones, you will still be delivering that type of message through your Social Media Content Strategy.

    It is important however; to differentiate Instagram from Facebook, and Snapchat from Twitter.

    3. Use available resources

    For your Social Media Content Strategy the social network differentiates itself thanks to several unique features. These functionalities are, for your audience, of common usage. And they should be for you too!

    Learn how to use the network to its fullest, and to interact with your audience in all ways possible. Furthermore, many specific features are available for businesses. For instance, you can add a chatbot for your Messenger or create a business filter for Snapchat.

    4. Speak their language

    Available resources are not the only way to reach your audience on specific social networks. You must also ‘speak their language’. In order to have your community understand and reach out to you, you must encourage them to “share” your Facebook or LinkedIn posts, “retweet” your tweets, and follow your hashtags on Instagram.

    Looking at the content side of your Social Media Content Strategy not all information is useful for all social network. Indeed, all major event should be shared on all social media. However, sharing success stories will work better on LinkedIn or Medium than on Twitter.

    Formats should also be adapted for your Social Media Content Strategy. You can share and interact with your community on Snapchat for example, you will take several pictures, making your story look like a short, interactive notebook. On the other hand, Instagram users will prefer higher quality photography, neat and to-the-point messages. Instagram and Snapchat show stories, when Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium tell them.

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