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4 Golden Rules for Social Media Content Strategy

Lina Albin-Azar

As I explained in my previous post “Why Social Media Matters to Your Business”, social networks matter. However, with the dozens of possibilities, it can be hard at times to select the right Social Media Content Strategy for your business,...

KAT's Weekly HACKS, Social Media

Why Social Media Matters to Your Business

Lina Albin-Azar

Marketing your business does not require specific skills. All it really takes is to know each aspect and feature of your product/service and… to know the game. Presently, social media is the main vector through which you can market your business....

Social Media

Twitchy, Twitter, and the Newswire of the 21st Century

Dylan Kissane

“If it’s news, Twitchy is on it. If it should be news, Twitchy is ahead of it.” There are tweet aggregators. And then there’s Twitchy. Since 2012 Twitchy has been the go to resource for breaking news in politics and...

Social Media

Social Media: The Company’s Digital Face

Meghan Colwell

In a world where 92% of Americans have a Facebook account and about 50% use YouTube, social media offers significant advantages not only to communication, but also to commerce and marketing. All types and sizes of businesses, from retailers and restaurants, to...

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