If you’ve just opened up a new business, you’re probably searching for ways to make your presence felt on social media. However, a couple of methods you found didn’t work out as planned, so you’re back at step one.

    Even though this might not have happened to you and you’re just looking to find ways to start your social media presence campaign, it’s vital to know what to do and what not to do. That is our primary goal with this article: To help you understand the steps you’ll need to make to push through certain boundaries and become a respected entity on social media.

    There are many different methods you could use, but not all share the same properties, and most of them can achieve varying degrees of success. If you want to truly get the results you’ve imagined and dreamed of achieving, you’ll need to be smart about the whole thing. But, not to worry! Making yourself visible on social media isn’t difficult and can be done very efficiently. If you’re looking for a web hosting service, check out iPage. If you’re interested, check out a review of iPage or a comment made by a user to figure out whether such a service is for you.

    Let’s start, shall we? Here are four creative ways to evaluate social media for online businesses!

    Run Contests on Social Media to Attract Attention

    Contests are a great way to bring involvement to your followers and potential customers. It doesn’t have to be anything too large; a simple contest that includes speed, knowledge, resourcefulness, skill, and anything in between will do the trick. People aren’t needy so you won’t have to use too much of your time thinking of a contest. However, try to incorporate some sort of prize into the contest as it will give incentive to people to take part.

    The incentive is a very strong element of being present on social media. Not only will it increase the number of followers and customers you have, but it’ll also keep them happy and entertained. On top of that, they all know there’s a possibility to win the prize if they’re good enough. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

    You could also hire a social media expert that would create these contests for you, but you’ll have to know your target demographic and what your final goal with the contest is. You can do it yourself, but it’s probably quicker to just hire someone who has expertise. The choice is yours!

    Generate Sales with an Interactive Catalogue and Product Profiles

    What better way to generate new sales than to present as much info about a product as possible to your customers? If you start doing this, you can be sure that there’ll be an influx of new customers, thus, an increase in sales as well.

    Remember that trust is incredibly important when running a business because you are nothing without your customers. So, naturally, you need to give something back to them – in this case, trust.

    Trust is easily achieved if you are completely transparent about what you’re selling (or providing) and what it does. The more details there are, the more they’ll trust you. An interactive catalogue of products is a great way of doing this; simply let them do the handy work and research themselves. Product profiles are a must, so don’t shy away from them!

    Run Deals and Promo Codes on Social Media

    Everyone loves getting promo codes or discounts, so try to make them as frequent as possible. You can do this on your website directly, but it’s easier to get the point through by using social media (since almost everyone uses at least one form of social media).

    To add to that point: Try to use at least 2-3 social media outlets (most common ones include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to maximize your reach.

    These promo codes can be anything from discounts to free products. It all depends on what you can provide for free (or for a discount) and if that fits your company’s profile.

    Also, why not combine contests and deals? It’s an efficient way of keeping everyone entertained and happy!

    Evergreen Blogs Are Still Hot

    Plenty of companies and businesses have adopted the practice of using blogs as a means to achieve better communication with their target audience, and that might be a good idea for you as well. However, blogs that only feature the latest news aren’t exactly the most interesting pieces of information out there, especially when it’s coming from a business (since it’s probably already somewhere on the Internet).

    Evergreen blogs, the ones that include actual pieces of advice and information, are what’s hot. Why wouldn’t you want to help your target audience better understand how something works, or why you’ve chosen this and that? This is a fairly efficient method of connecting with your customers by teaching them more about your products!

    This is an article by Tiffany Watts. She is a blogger and writer at Hosting Review Box. She is a fanatic, technology lover and passionate about writing articles on WordPress hosting, Online store builders and web hosting services.



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