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3 Tips for Writing Amazing Google AdWords Text Ad Copy

John DOZ

Over the past few years, brands from different industries have been getting more and more interested in putting more money into online advertising. You can see it for yourself from the recent report by eMarketer. According to it, the majority...

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3 Ways to Guarantee an Effective SEM Campaign

John DOZ

Sirun Wang is a growth hacker at Dolead, a French start-up that specializes in Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaign optimization. Learn more about how Dolead makes SEM effortless for more than 500 enterprises in 52 countries by visiting its...

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[Infographic] Paid, Earned and Owned Media

Dylan Kissane

You’ve got a new product, you’ve hit a milestone for your company, or you’re looking to build a profile for your brand. What do you need? A media strategy. But wait: when we use the term ‘media’ what are we...

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Seznam Takes on Google in the Czech Republic

Dylan Kissane

When it comes to search and search engine marketing there is one word that comes to the top of almost everybody’s mind: Google. There’s good reason for this. In the United States and in Western Europe, in Australia, in South...

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