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Get More From Instagram with INK 361

Dylan Kissane

No marketing campaign can be judged a success without the analysis of key metrics. In other words, you need to be able to prove your marketing campaign was responsible for achieving the sales, engagement, and community building goals you reached....

Social Media

Getting Started on Instagram

Dylan Kissane

Instagram is a social network just like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But it’s also a little different, and getting started on Instagram requires at least one thing that those other social networks do not. A smartphone. Unlike most other large...

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[Infographic] Get a Handle on Hashtags

Dylan Kissane

As long as there has been information there have been ways of organizing that information. Making things easier to find, to follow, to recall, and to pass on to others has always been the goal, and most people have a...

Marketing Resources

Growth Hacker Marketing – Step One: Product-Market Fit

Dylan Kissane

We’re taking a close look at growth hacking this week, especially the strategies for growth hacking that have been laid out by Ryan Holiday in his book, Growth Hacker Marketing. Growth hacking is a marketing and business strategy, but it’s...

Social Media

Social Media and the Launch: A Case Study of Burger King in France

Dylan Kissane

As someone who grew up in Australia where American fast food restaurants are ubiquitous and ordinary, the idea that someone might queue for half an hour for a mass produced hamburger strikes me as something fantastical. It connotes images of...

Social Media

Instagram It

Carine Esteves

How often do you hear someone say, “Google it” or “Facebook them”? How about “Instagram it”? I’m guessing the answer to all three of these is “Very often”, with the latter’s frequency on the rise. With over 80 million users, Instagram is becoming a...

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