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Marketing Translation: Are your messages getting lost ?

John DOZ

  At first glance, marketing to a foreign audience may seem like a relatively straightforward task. You take your current content and simply translate it from the source language to the language of your overseas customers, and you’re good to...

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Four Tips for Marketing to Australians

Dylan Kissane

Australians are just like us, right? Sure, they speak English, enjoy high internet penetration, and have disposable income to splash around – but does this mean that marketing to Australian users online is a simple matter of copying-and-pasting your US...

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Does Your Marketing Agency Speak Your Language?

Dylan Kissane

First there was globalization, the interconnections of commerce, culture, and finance that underpin the modern world. And just behind there was global marketing: the efforts to sell anything and everything to the consumers and companies that live and thrive in...

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