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How to use Twitter as an online marketing tool

Cécile R.

Twitter is much more than a social media platform. Boasting around a billion users, Twitter is a platform you want to take advantage of for your marketing needs. Beyond simply being a tool to reach friends and family, Twitter helps...

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The best online marketing articles of 2014 (so far)

Cécile R.

Online marketing articles cover many topics and there are thousands of blogs out there publishing articles about different types of content. We’re exposed to masses of information every day, especially when trying to keep up with the news and trends. In...

Social Media

Harness social media data to enhance marketing campaigns

John DOZ

It’s already been established that social media is just one cog in the giant machine of your marketing efforts. However, sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are good for more than simply making connections with others in your...

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10 Online Marketing Tips by the Best Online Marketing Gurus

Cécile R.

Influencers are a great source of inspiration and because their contribution to online marketing is so important, I decided to ask them one simple question: ‘If you had only one online marketing tip to give, what would it be?’ Here...

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7 bloggers to follow to become an Online Marketing Expert

John DOZ

Whether you are a beginner or already mastering online marketing, you’re probably looking to enrich your knowledge. If you don’t know them already, here are some valuable influencers you should look up. We are featuring 7 bloggers in this article,...

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Online Marketing Strategy & How to Build the Best

Ben Issa

Building an online marketing strategy requires knowledge and adaptability, and the entire marketing world must take into account the constant changes in the field. Nothing sits still for long in the world of digital marketing and any expectation that an...

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[Infographic] Online Marketing and Offline Success

Ben Issa

Can your online marketing deliver results for you offline, too? The answer is yes – and we’ll tell you why soon. But first consider why we’re even asking the question in the first place. I mean, does anyone ask if...

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